Saturday, September 10, 2005

My dogs...

are so damn STUPID! I got a Mama dog named Dixie and one of her "boys", Ringo. They are chows, or at least she is. He's what we call around here a "sooner". Sooner be one kind of dog as another. They are both as dumb as a bucket of bloodworms! Dixie is the definition of the word "bitch". Look! ..they have a pen that takes up half (about a quarter of an acre) of my back yard and that still ain't enough so I have to let'm out every once in a while. But the problem is Dixie won't go back in once she's out. She'll take freedom over food. She has gone as long as a month without me feeding her. I try! Every day I go out and stand there with cans, dry food, venison, huge steaming steaks off the don't matter! She AIN'T going in! Once, by the stangest of luck, I said to myself "I'll get a rope and lasso that bitch in there!" Damn if didn't catch her right around the neck on the FIRST throw! And that was from about 15 feet away! That was fun as shit! Ringo usually gives up after a day or 2. He can't go that long without eating. Lately though he's lasting up to a week. I'm wondering if, as he's getting older, he's getting wiser or he's still as dumb as I think he is!

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