Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pow'ful Merka explained

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Now, as for the aforementioned song “Pow’ful Merka”, we had the conversation in the van about some confusion on the faces of the crowds whenever we play it. I wondered if they felt forced to think rather than drink to this rockin’ little dittie. Nay! Here’s the deal, in an attempt to stay bi-partisan I wrote the song about one guy, an everyday Joe who like many of us is proud of our country. He’s proud that no matter what you throw at us we keep getting back up (much like Terminator, now that I think of it!) and sometimes expresses his pride in strange, over the top kinds of ways. He walks the thin line between patriotism and propaganda. But there’s no real reason to get all serious about the song, it’s all tongue in cheek…no, not THAT cheek! Just drink, dance and be merry.

A number three and an eagle tattoo
Got his house painted red, white and blue
Stars and stripes all over his shirts
They’re made in China puttin’ people outta work in…
Pow’ful Merka Pow’ful Merka

He’s still callin’ them “freedom fries”
He gets everything “super-sized”
He’s got a truck with a rack for his gun
Bumper sticker says “These colors don’t run” in…
Pow’ful Merka Pow’ful Merka

He’s got a TV in his shop out back
To watch the cars goin’ around the track
A cooler full of the king of beers
Life is good, he’s got nothing to fear in…
Pow’ful Merka Pow’ful Merka

He works hard and he comes home tired
Another day that he didn’t get fired
He can’t figger out all the fuss
Why don’t everybody wanna live like us in…
Pow’ful Merka Pow’ful Merka

-Terry Anderson


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It will start playing on Comboland Radio tomorrow (11/21).