Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zimbabwe Coltrane sausage memories

So you think it’s bad here? How about Zimbabwe where the rate of inflation is at 5.7 trillion%? Dude comes to America and sez I’d like to exchange my 100 Million Zimbabwe dollars for your worthless American dollars…”OK sir, here’s your penny”. Jeez…what a f’ed up economy! Y’all better go to Costco and buy a couple of cases of Vienna Sausages. It’s going to get worse ‘fore it gets better!
The horn guys came over last Monday night. Greg’s friend Joey played trumpet and his other friend Arkansas Bill played tenor sax (the same model Coltrane played!). They were great. I’d love to get’m to play live with us. Ya never know?!
I think there might be something to the theory that having a great memory makes you a good songwriter. Take the case of one Bob Dylan. From the folks that I know who’ve met him, I hear that he will remember the conversation he last had with you (and he does remember you) and he picks it up from the point where it was last left no matter how many years ago it was… kinda like TIVO. Uhhh…Maybe that helps when you’re writing a song.
Uhhh… duh!

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