Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks MoM!!

In a case that I’m supposed to believe is NOT that of take the money and run, today MoM (or Miles of Music) sent back CD’s and a real nice apology letter of first, how great they’ve been for us and second, how they weren’t gonna pay us all the money they owed us for the CD’s that they “bought” from us.
Hey guys, thanks for your well wishes for our future success. That means a lot.
Jack’s neighbors must be sleeping in separate beds these days. Walk up their sidewalk and there’s a McCain sign on the left and an Obama sign on the right. SOMEBODY ain’t getting’ none for a whiiiiiiiile!
Last week when the Bush’s early voted they were asked on the way out who they voted for. “oh c’mon!” Laura was reported to say. “You know we voted for John!”
It was heard but not reported that under her breath after that she said “mostly cuz we don’t want GEORGE to go down history as the worst president ever!”


roscoe said...


With help like that!


Anonymous said...

you actually got your cds back from MOM? They told us in AUGUST that they had sold nearly all of our cds and said they'd send a check. No check. No cds sent back. What a joke. How high could overhead be when what you are selling is other folks' art that they create, manufacture and entrust you with? I'm so tired of hearing about how sad it is for MOM. The fact is, they have ripped off a ton of starving artists.