Thursday, October 09, 2008

Plop Plop!

Got some bad news folks. Unfortunately, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift have called it quits. And we all had such high hopes for these amazingly talented phenoms! Just imagine the beautiful children they would’a made. Awwww... who am I kiddin’…who gives a shit? And more importantly..who the hell are they? They gotta teeny-bopper TV show or something? Whatever…good luck, you crazy nutheads!
Happy Birthday to my first born, William Otis, now 19! LOVE that guy! For his birthday he got a nail in his tire. Speaking of Oct.9 birthdays…John Lennon would have been 68 today. I can’t imagine John at 68. He’s more of an icon because of it to be sure but just imagine the music we missed out on. When he died I was in my girlfriend’s bed. When she called to tell me I got straight up and went home and cried in my Mama’s arms.

Rock history was un-F-in’-beliveable last night. We finally tightened the screws on “Wrong for that”.
My buddy, Barry Herndon came over and sang a little with me. I really wanted him to be on it. He’s got an amazing voice and has been in a few soul bands in his day. The results were, in engineer Jonathan’s words…”PRIMO!” This record is gonna fuck some folks UP! Everybody that hears it goes..”That’s YOU?” Yup, it’s me. It’s a different sound but man, it feels like me. Mosly because it’s all...BAD….ASSSSSS! More recording on Saturday, I think the horn guys are coming over. Horns? You say.
Yeah, and git this, one of the rockin’-est songs on the record has a (shhhhh…) FLUTE in it!
Too much fun!

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