Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Like Hell I can't!


Remember the joke?: What was the last thing the redneck said?..."Hey, y'all watch this!". I also like the alternative punch line "Like Hell I can't!". That's what I was saying when I couldn't get to a spot on the lady's house I was painting today. But even with all my 51 year old ingenuity, I was still unable to reach about a 3 foot stretch. Dammit!
OK, back to the drawing board....a taller step ladder tomorrow!
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Anonymous said...

But what would the OSHA have to say about this?! Or your wife, children, friends and fans??!!
Work safe, dammit!
We need to get at least one other album before you die! ;-)


philwo said...

Pleeeeeeeze climb up with care !!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful T !
But this shows once again :
Different strokes for different folks !
cheers, Roland