Friday, October 03, 2008

Get well, Woody!

Jeez! And I thought I was in bad shape! Ron Wood has definitely got me beat. It’s rumored that he’s pounding 2 (TWO!) bottles of vodka a day now (with some Russian cha-cha on the side!). Wow! That makes my bottle of red wine per night look silly and downright healthy! And on top of that, he’s gotta come up with 100 million bucks for Jo!
He’s at his lowest point since the time he and John Dee Graham were spotted on hands and knees scrubbing the Rehab kitchen floor (alledgedly). I sure hope he pulls outta this one and comes to his senses and gets back up on that stage and plays us some more of them shitty guitar solos with The Stones! Get well, Woody!

1 comment:

dave g said...

LOL, Keef was always telling those guys to settle down.

Go figure.