Sunday, October 12, 2008

And down the stretch they come…

Yep, starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the new record. Saturday, after minor technical problems were corrected and the horn guys didn’t show up, I went out there and sang the very Appalachian “Revenuers” and the very cool and Keef (Richards) sounding “Feel right now”. Who knows if “Revenuers” will make it. It kinda screwed it up for me when Jonathan started singing “Rocky Top” along with it. Of course it’s not, but something about it is really cool. It’s hard to tell really. I was listening to “Abbey Road” today, (thanks to my curious about (real) Rock History young Nathan) and who would have thunk that “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” would’a made it on that record, and THIRD even! Oh ya never know, by the time things are sorted out, “Revenuers” may end up starting the record off.
“Feel right now” was inspired by two chords that I played removing a finger from each. I LOVE this one, especially when the drums come in. I sang it pretty dang good too on Saturday. My voice was perfectly scratchy. There are a lot of songs on this record that I wrote that were inspired by others. Nathan and I are still fighting over who came up with “If your mouth was a race car, you’d win the Indy 500”. Two songs are a result of van talk, mostly between Dave and I. “Wrong for that” (something Shirley Q. Liquor sez sometimes) and “Pow’ful Merka” ( something Dave said referring to an eagle and an American flag on a semi-truck) immediately come to mind. “Had me at get lost” was inspired by Nathan, who later informed me that he had stolen the idea from a character on a TV show wearing a shirt with the words scrolled across. OK, I was duped on that one but I still went to the trouble of writing the song, and a very badass one I might add. My hatred for Barry Bonds comes across on “Willy Mayes” and “Lost your number” is one of them songs that I don’t remember writing, always a GOOD thing! “goin’ or comin’” may be the hit though. This is one I brought in and jammed along with loops to. Jack and I drank a few bottles of wine and laid it down and Jonathan later cut it up and made sense of it… after I had given up on it. It’s somewhere straight up between Humble Pie and The Stones. It’s really sick. It’s one of them songs that makes your wife dance, your kids dance and even makes Grandma get up, rockin’ AND funky! We were talking about doing a video for that one with a small bedroom full of folks dancing and jumping on the bed and singing along. Can’ wait for the horn guys to get on it. With any luck, it’ll be the “Tumblin’ Dice” of the future.

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