Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more record dissection

Monday night’s Rock history event included Jack replacin’ the bass to “Lost You Number”, keepin’ it stupid and not so fancy...but still really cool and slippery. We all showed up focused and in good mental form to dissect a few things. We continued with “LY#” and eliminated TWO acoustic guitars and opened it up more. I hated another part I had put on earlier and replaced it with a sitar in open tuning capo-ed (7)...”Chic-a-ching!” Man, dat sounds psycho-mo-delic! I’m thinking now I may re-sing it after being REAL happy with the attitude (and the in-tuneness) the scratch had. Well...since we have the tweezers out, and for the sake of the new feel, might as well. We went back and revisited what we’d done on “Is we or ain’t we” and realized that the latency problem we had while recording my lead vocal was real. I was singing outta time even though it sounded right in my headphones. We finally chased the problem down although I DID have to go back in and sing it again Monday night. Sometimes the recording process is not pretty, kinda like dissecting a frog in middle school or the time my Uncle Pee Wee had to take needle nose pliers and pull the cat guts outta the fan of my Dad’s ’67 Cadillac, yep..the one on my 2nd record.

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