Wednesday, September 10, 2008

maple lifters


Y'all heard about this? Thieves are now stealing Japanese maples outta folks's front yards! OMG! I think I would just about kill somebody if I caught their asses digging my damn tree up! They are worth bunches and that's part of of it. But when you watch something grow up you can't help but feel attached to it, almost like one of your kids. This is not just stealing a tree to the homeowner, it's almost like...well..kidnapping! Not to give the theives any ideas but I guarantee they would pay dearly to have them back! I have about 30 different varieties in my yard, thanks to my buddy Larry, and I gotta say it's one of my pure joys in life to walk around late in the evening with a glass of wine and see how everybody's doing.
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1 comment:

raymond said...

let me at 'em, damn thieves....
that's it, i'm getting an alarm system!