Friday, September 05, 2008

Hurricane Chuck!




Chuck is seen here, just like us, giving his band the finger..

After hours of coaxing (and a big ass plate of ribs), Chuck decided that he WOULD co-operate afterall with the promoters of the Raleigh Wide Open event and go work for the 85 grand they paid him. We had a small window of time before the next band of rain hit to get his show in and so the crew hurried and got the show started 9 minutes ahead of schedule. He came out and went into "Roll Over Beethoven" in the key of uhhhh....C? yeah, that was it...for a little while, then it was A, then F...awwww what the hell ever...It was Chuck! and we were RIGHT there in front of him!
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Anonymous said...

Great photo of You and Chuck, Terry....And Dammn, it's gonna be a long 'n cold december overhere in Holland without your next masterpiece rock history recording....., Forget Alaska !
Hope to see You soon again at this end of the world
Cheers, Roland

Anonymous said...

hey, I heard you got a Purple MudCats Hat....

raymond said...

wait a damn minute - why ain't you playin' drums up there?