Sunday, September 14, 2008

Historic week!

Should be a damn crazy week for me. Monday night, more Rock history will be made at the 411 Pod. Then I have 3 days to prepare (but probably 2 since I’m sure more Rock history will ensue on Tues. or Wed. night also) for two other major undertakings, the “storytellin’” show I’m doing with Kenny Roby at Slim’s on Friday night, which, having never done it before…who knows what the protocol is on that! Do we sit there and tell stories to the audience, or do we bring banjos, wear overalls and sit in rocking chairs and let the audience eaves drop as we’re telling each other stories? Who knows!? You’ll just have to show up to find out! I just hope we don’t get into it about the thread of Emails we sent each other that time about how “Your kids suck!” “No, Your kids suck more!” It was all in good fun and a misunderstood line in a song that we were writing together was probably (to my best memory of it) to blame.
The other major undertaking is…the news you’ve all been waiting for…drum roll please...(Crash! Booom! Bamm! WhacK! Thud Thud! More Crashing!!!) OK!!! SHUTUP! ...the return to the Capital City of one…yes! Keith Christopher!!! WooHoo! He’ll be here to get as close as possible to finishing the follow up CD to his never before released and totally imaginary first record! So this will be a truly historic week in Rock history!


Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The world needs a KC record!

Anonymous said...

You are so very right, Gerben!