Friday, September 05, 2008

Dammit Janet!

We just found out that we missed getting our name in the hat for a new nationwide release with our distributors by four days, so it looks like the new record won't be out until Janurary. Sucks! We is ready to rock this thing! So I guess we'll throw some sort of interum EP together for our November trip. Hell, that could be fun too!

Looks like TS Hanna and Chuck Berry will hit town about the same time. He's supposed to be on stage about 8pm and the eye is supposed to be over Raleigh a few hours afterwards. I'm making up a game that I'm gonna take a drank every time that little captain's hat blows off his head. Don't worry, I'll take pics.

Ain't is funny how this year's very important election for our nation comes down to folks from Hawaii and Alaska? Damn, Alaska IS cold ain't it?

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