Monday, August 18, 2008

loud house

Whew! I think I just I just burned about 1000 calories listening to some ruff mixes of the new OakTeam record! I was waiting (…and waiting) for Grace to get home so I could turn it up in the car. We poured a glass and for the next 40-some minutes sat in the Caliber and rocked the hell out! Meanwhile, Will is downstairs with the Christian band and fussin’ up the whole house with an ignunt practice (because they are all stupid great at what they do!) and Nathan is in there with his new Wii Rock Band singing “Paranoid” more loudly and outta tune than Ozzy himself. Jeez! Living in a musical (as hell!!!!!) house is a bit much at times. Ya can't git away from it!

Whass yo house sound like? Music is the sound of life.
Wanna know how to make a great record? Make a great recording of great songs with people that ain't thankin' 'bout the $$!! They gotta wanna be there, period.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but thinking about $$: you should have your own reality show. Think of it: "The Andersons". And picture this blog you wrote.
Get rich! ;-)

Anonymous said...

My little daughter listens to the OAK-team, with the volume turned to "ARE YOU INSANE?" while she's playin a chipmunks-game with the same volume level. Babyboy screams his own songs, trying to compete with my wife singing along to comboland radio in the kitchen( I shit You not !)
In the middle there's me, giving a really good try at blowing up a marshall amp and banging the new drumkit in the middle of the living room....
My house sounds like it's filled with drunken monkeys on acid, AND I LUV IT !
Cheers, Roland