Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Comboland radio

This is making the rounds on local blogs so it's my duty and extreme pleasure to help make everyone aware that a great new radio station is there for the clicking.
It's all North Carolina bands, with an occasional "association" play (i.e. G.Sat's w/ us). I've checked it out a bunch and really dig it(of course, they play a lot of OakTeam, Knobs, Woods, Yayhoos too!) Here's the announcement from our friend, Moose, founder, creator, radio station starter upper, whatever ya wanna call him:

I guess this would be considered the “soft” opening! But… Comboland Radio is available to the public today on Live365. On the Live365 home page just enter Comboland in the search field for “Find Stations That Play” and it will bring up the Live365 page. The link itself is;
http://www.live365.com/stations/comboland_license . Click on the play button and listen away. The Comboland Radio web site is still under development but there may be something up during the weekend. Please tell anyone who is, or could become, a fan of this music to give it a listen. And listen OFTEN!! Comments from any of you are greatly appreciated.



Phil said...

I went to the site and pushed the PLAY Button. What did I hear?
"College Girls" !!
Great, Great, Great !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanx T !
It's the best radiostation in years, totally luv it !
And i'm forwarding the link right now to everybody i know AND everybody i don't...
Roland, Holland

Sherry said...

Went to Comboland on MySpace and see that run the picture of Sara Lynn Moore who eventually married and divorced Ira David would of Theatre in the Park..Produced 2 kids one of whom is Evan Rachel Wood who dates Marilyn Manson. They really keep up on their Wikipedia!