Thursday, August 21, 2008

a close one!

“Dad! You OK? (pats me on the back) Deep breaths, Dad! Deep breaths” Nathan says as he thinks he’s about to lose me. I thought I was about to lose me too! I could feel my spleen stretching uncomfortably as if to be millimeters from exploding. This one took a LONG time to get over! I haven’t been this doubled over since the first time I heard Shirley Q. Liquor! …and these guys are serious too!


Anonymous said...

Dear Terry, be more careful next time, this shit is dangerous ! It turned my mind into a boiling pudding that starts to run out of my ears....
Don't you agree there should be a Special Task Force to smoke these guys out of there homes !
So right back at you :

Thank God for musicians like You !
Cheers, Roland

mike elliott said...

I couldn't take my eyes off that is possibly the most bizarre and unnecessary instrument I've ever seen...on second thought, why doncha get Jack one o' those?