Thursday, July 31, 2008


How do you do this? This whole getting’ old thing? I really don’t know what to say to friends of mine who are looking really old. You know, folks like me that you look at and start seeing some age on. Nontheless talented, you wanna say “ah dude, you ain’t gonna make it.” Hopefully, also like me, they’ve figgered that out by now and that these days the gig is worth a lot more than a million dollars. 200 fans screaming is worth a lot in terms of life-dollars…no matter how bad my hair looks!
Hey, if you think my dye job is bad, check out Harold Fineman lately. Hey dude! At least I didn’t get my shit from Dollar General! I paid full price, minus the coupon, at Food Lion for my Natural Instincts colorant (Tweed).
Only my damn hairdresser(me) and now y’all, knows fer sure.
Tell ya Momma and nem I said "How y'all durin'?"

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