Thursday, July 10, 2008

slowly but surely..

We’ve been making Rock history a lot lately, as much as possible really, one reason for the lack of blogs. Monday night Dave came over and played some rockin’ ass solos and I sang some tonight before the rains and lightning came forcing us to shut down. It’s hard to get everybody together for more than once or twice a week. Hell, if I can get the guys over for a little help, a couple of hours or so, every week I feel pretty good about the progress we’re making on the next record. It ain’t got a name yet but it sure has an attitude. I’m already feeling it could be our/my best thing yet. Now granted, Will Smith prolly said that about his latest movie “Hancock” which has been universally panned, but it’s hard to separate yourself emotionally from just about any project. Still, I think there are some real gems on here.
I had about a dozen or so songs ready for recording in the beginning but as things got pushed back I was tired of those myself and opted instead for newer ones. Hell, ain’t that the point? New music! New music! I need it too! If I’m already tired of something before I get a chance to record it, why bother? So long story longer, the next record ain’t fiddin’ to be like nothing you’d expect from me or us, not even close. You can’t even imagine, I can’t either, it’s just falling in my lap and I’m digging every minute of it. All I know is that every one of these songs is gonna sound like a million bucks turned wide ass open, each and every one of’m.

12 year old Nathan Anderson has made his daddy proud by really getting into The Rolling Stones record “Aftermath”. This was made possible by the inclusion of the song “Paint it Black” on his new Wii Guitar Hero game. But he ain’t making no points with Mom by walking around and singing the second song from that record, “Stupid Girl”.

I ain’t talking about the kinda clothes she wears
Look at that stupid girl
I ain’t talking about the way she combs her hair
Look at that stupid girl…
……she’s the worst thing in this world…
Look at that stupid girl

These are surely different times than then…and folks thought “College Girls” was bad!!

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