Saturday, July 12, 2008

OMG! Our day in the studio...

today was UNbelievable...a day when everything clicked and I sang purty and we had good ideas and they ALL worked to perfection! It made me feel like this.
After I got home Grace brought home a big 'ol bag o' sushi and after THAT!... G, N and I watched "POOTIE TANG", Nathan's firt time.
And by the time it got told that "Pootie will kick yo ass so bad you can git it off on your taxes!" he was about to pee in his pants.
Take That "UNDERCOVER BROTHER"! (Formally his favorite movie!)

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Anonymous said...

Soul Power brotha!
PS Thanks for the link. Now I just won't be able to listen to any Yayhoos or TA/OAKTeam stuff, 'cause I have some fourty years of James Brown catching up to do! ;-)