Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bobzilla five ohhhh....

I could feel that athletic “burn” early on in the show last night and then about halfway through I was loose as a goose and started feeling like my old self (watch it sucka!) when I used to ride my bike. I felt like I could go all night. Maybe there IS something to that “drummers are athletes” thing. I think the whole Team got a pretty good workout last night playing for Bob Davis’ 50th Birthday bash. Anyone in the audience could tell that we were really having a blast playing together in front of folks again. Granted, there should have been MORE folks but we understand you old folks. By the time you got off work and went to the Golden Corral early-bird special you were ready to just sit yo ass down and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and nod off to sleep. Thass cool, we’ll do an early EARLY show for y’all later! How about 6pm?
The important people were there though, the Beals, the Carinas, the Wards, the Greshams, New York film critic (and now filmmaker) Godfrey Cheshire, our old manager Harry Simmons, bigtime soundman Cliff Atchison, radio station starter-upper Moose, tennis great Cecil Martin, radio host Mike Elliott and rockin’ Johnny, Robert Kirkland from Arrogance was there plus more friends that came in and ate cake
and another few more that just staggered in that we’d never seen before.
We had a few surprises up our sleeves too. At Greg’s request we worked up the old Fabulous Knobs hit “Please you no more” and that ended up not sucking and later on our friend Don Dixon (who I first went to Europe with) got up and sang David’s “Who let the Cat out of the bag” (video of this is on Carina’s MySpace page which you can get to through mine). Bunches of silliness and just downright full throttle, balls to the walls rockin’ made this one my favorite gigs in a long time
(of course we hadn’t played in a long time!). Big Daddy tore the ass end outta “I.O.U.” and like I say it was about that time that the burn was gone and I was ready for anything. At that point it really WAS as I called it last night, “child’s play”!
I also want to re-interate my PSA from last night. Ladies PLEASE take the 2 minutes it takes each week to give yourself a breast exam. In all seriousness, it’s very important that you stay aware of any changes that might occur. And men, PLEASE take the 10 minutes it takes each day to give yourself a prostate examination. There really is no telling what you’ll find. You too, stay aware!


roscoe said...

Ten Minutes!!

Oh My Goodness!

Sherry said...

Where I do I get one a'dem Big Deck t-shirts?