Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bob's big deck party, etc.

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We all once again gathered to collectively commemorate Bob’s half century still in one piece, not killing himself or chopping off a toe or something with all the ignunt shit he’s done. It got all crazy up in the Carolina Ale House outside deck with just as many if not more of Bob’s friends than on Friday night at our show.

Hmmmm…I guess them old folks was saving themselves for Sat.night. Bob had his Ipod cranked into a PA and packed with tons’o my music, Stones, Rockpile and other great shit. Wait a minute…did I just say I was great? That’s a first. Sorry about that.

We wuz all dancing, spanking and drinking like it was…uh…dark again.
Good times. Good times.
Y’all ever bought Cardamom, the spice? That shit is HIGH HIGH HIGH! I got the cheap one today, small bottle, $10!!!! That shit better be good in my tofu curry tonight. Hell, at them prices I’m gonna start snortin’ it!
A month or so back my coffee started tastin’ like complete ASS! I just couldn’t figger it out. Grace was makin’ it and I wondered for about three or four days if she’d forgotten how. I bought different coffee. Same shit…ass. Cleaned out the coffee maker…ass. WHAT! The water? What was it? Then one day I poured in my half and half and noticed this green band around the carton. I put on my reading glasses to check it out up close and right personal-like. There was my answer right there, the worst seven letters strung together in the English language…FAT FREE! Mutha!...shut yo mouf! Hell naw! I poured it straight the hell out and have been very careful when buying the shit from then on. Any chef will tell you this FAT=FLAVOR! I mean, how is that gonna work.? It’s a substance made for human consumption that gets it’s flavor from the fat, and yet they take that out. So what is it gonna taste like…yes, thank you! ASS!The worst shit I put in my mouf since trying Miracle Whip that ONE time!
Be careful folks, I love you.


Anonymous said...

Gol dang, there must be some kind of cosmic coffee catastrophe symmetry going on.

This morning my damn coffee maker died. Electronics work, mechanics are kaput. Crap!

How pathetic am I? I tried heating water in the teapot and hand "dripping" it through the filter. I ain't patient enough I guess because I wound up with a couple of mugs of coffee that taste like "ass", too.

Tom in Chicago

Lindy said...

You are so right that fat=taste. I don't buy the whole low fat thing. Its just about moderation. Use full fat and use it well and enjoy.