Tuesday, June 03, 2008

while I was away

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Believe it or not, this is the craziest thing that’s happened here at our house in Bunn. While I was in the studio last night I got a call from my wife. “You ain’t believing this!” she said. Will walked outside for a minute while his bandmates were playing our new Wii and came running back in screaming, “There’s a peacock in our yard!” “Aw come on man, you evidently don’t know what a peacock is.” They tell him. But when they go out to see for themselves sure enough there it is. Grace ran in to grab my camera while the other guys were taking pics with their cell phones. I had been hearing a loud screech off in the woods back behind my house for a couple of days and couldn’t figger out what it was. Now we know. He flew up into our big pine tree and spent the night there. He was gone this morning. I hardly knew ye!
So back at the studio, The OakTeam is laying down a new song that The Chi-lites would be proud off called “Wrong for That”. This is nothing like you’ve ever heard out of us. It’s got the sitar solo and everything, and out of THAT comes the supersaturated Prince/Ronnie Isley guitar solo. Dave could hardly play it for laughing so hard. I guess when we do it live we’ll all change into tuxes and do all the dance moves while singing to the sequencer. IG-NUNT!
Thoughts and prayers to the family of our ex-bandmate, Bo Diddley. I bet him and our brother David are up there trading licks right now. They sure put on a hell of a show that night at The Brewery. Bo was a great guy, not only talented but funny as hell. I really feel fortunate to have played with him…even though my arms were numb the next morning!
Will this be the last gasp for Hillary? God! I hope so! I likened her campaign in the later months of the primaries to the scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail when one of the knights that say “nee!” keeps getting limbs hacked off and yet still taunts the Python guy with replies like “Minor flesh wound!”, “Is that the best you got?” and such. I can see Hillary now laying there limbless as Obama walks off with the nomination, “Come back here and fight like a man!”
There times that you just gotta admit defeat, ya know?


FCB said...

Know what they call a female peacock?

A peac*nt.

Love the idea of Bo & Dave. :o)

WE R COMIN' ! said...

Listening to Bo & Ronnie Wood "Live at the Ritz" right now.
His music will live 4 ever

Jeff Hart said...

i remember that longbranch show in '88 where the stage patter was often like this:

bo diddley: "ron woods of the rolling stones!" bo liked to use the plural of ron's name.

ron wood: "bo diddley, of himself!"