Sunday, June 08, 2008

she's so hot!

This HAS to be the hottest start ever for a June in North Carolina.
My Elvis thermometer reads 102 right now at almost 6 in the afternoon. It really sucks out there. I HAD to get out in it to go get my van in Raleigh that conveniently needed a $420 brake job on Friday. Sheesh! Ya ever get that hopeless feeling?
Anyway, on the way home I was thinking about the heat and was feeling really bad for all the women in the area that HAD to wear a shirt just because the gub’ment and local law enforcement mandate it. God! it must really suck to not be able to just take your shirt off any time you want to. I know y’all girls can wear halter tops and and bikini tops but even they have to be hot and uncomfortable! So let it be known here today, June 8th that I, personally have absolutely NO problem with you ladies walking around without a shirt, top or anything on. It’s perfectly fine with me and I totally understand. It’s hot and girls sweat too. I feel really guilty about being able to strip down and I’m sure there’s a lot of other dudes out there that do to! So hell, take it off! It really does feel better.

Back to work on the new record tomorrow night!

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Anonymous said...

Dear T, just come and live in Holland, Ya know, the country where everybody's got a bike, and everybody is allowed to go around top-less....Quick plus/plus math makes: it's a country full of tits cyclin' everywhere...
At least, in my dreams that is...
Hope to see and hear you soon in europe again.
roland (