Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday rocks again!

Last night Jack was in the state that is below us in every way (except trailer sales and unemployment, SC) and the rest of us got it on anyway with the whole making rock history thing, working on the next OakTeam record. I showed up with sushi and a six pack just before Jon got there and we got right to it. There was some fixin’ to do on the pop song Dave and I cut in 2 takes last Monday night, some slippin’ and slidin’ of a few wave forms and we were done with that. Right on queue, Dave showed up and I axed him what he wanted to do and in the words of Twisted Sister “I wanna rock!” was his response. Dave always wants to rock. He lives to rock. Jon really wanted to work on a song (“Pow’ful Merka”, I’ll get into it later) I had played him (a shitty demo I had done) last week that has the potential to rock like ass! Dave worked hard to get his brain around what I had done as I am sometimes want to rock some really strange notes and melodies. Finally, Jon set up some loops and I played Jack’s coffin/bowlin’ ball lookin’ bass and sang in the room and Dave grabbed his guitar and the reins and directed the arrangement. Next thing you know we had rhythm tracks. Greg walks in and we put him to work. He picks a grindy Deep Purple sound and all of a sudden heads were bobbin’ to the beat. Dave asks if he can play drums to it and I told’m “hell yeah”. Dave’s a great drummer. We decide though that it might be cool if I play drums on the verses and he plays on the choruses. So that’s what we did and then for the hell of it, split’m left and right. It was fun and dumber’n shit!
So the reason I wanted to cut “Pow’ful Merka” is that I had written some verses to it a while back. Where did it come from in the first place? On one of our trips up to Chicago, Cleveland and thereabouts our third grade senses were awakened by some over the top American propaganda somewhere, Wal-Mart, Tamarack (in WV) or a truck stop somewhere. We just kept noticing all of this ridiculous “Proud to be an American” stuff. Don’t get me wrong, we are proud to be Americans but not necessarily to the point that we wear American flag cowboy shirts with big eagles on’m and snake “Don’t Tread on me” tattoos across our chests and such. It got pretty funny how much of that kinda stuff we were seein’ up that way and it really made me wanna take what we had clowned in the van and really turn it into something. So that’s where this is going. Not to clown Americans, just the over the top ones.
Plus, it’s just fun shouting “Pow’ful Merka! Pow’ful Merka!”
Hey watch out, 80’s rock is becoming a hit again with the kids via Guitar Hero. They just might really dig us…about 20 years from now.

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