Wednesday, June 11, 2008

“In a Family Way” update

Kinda hard to blog when you’re working your ass of all day and then have to run over to the studio to work. I WILL report though that I got to duct tape my head phones on and give my best Keith Moon impersonation Monday night on a new very Who-like song called “Is We or Ain’t We?. Dave had the windmill going and everything. After that I showed him a syrupy sweet Pop song, “About You” and we nailed that, just Dave and I in 2 takes. Things are rolling along on the new record though as we’re prolly half way there. Just for shits and giggles we’re calling it “In a Family Way”, with visions of us on the front sticking out our beer guts.


Anonymous said...

Keep working on it, goddammit! We gotta have it by xmas the latest.


Eve said...

Tour babies!