Sunday, May 04, 2008

show for Drew



It was a disappointing turnout but nonetheless rockin' as Chip Robinson and The Heavy Beat Outfit played new songs from his next record that he and Roscoe (doing an awesome job as usual!) are working on in New York. I was embarrassed that more folks didn't show up to see what I have to admit was an incredible show for an even more incredible cause, benefiting the family of Drew Glackin. There was video being shot so maybe you'll get a taste of it one day.
We're doing it again today at Sadlack's. The festivities begin early so get on down there. The HBO set is about 5:45, don't miss it! It might be your last chance for a while!
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Mick Penn said...

I met Drew for the first & only time at a gig by the New Heathens in New York just before Christmas while on a short US holiday to see a couple of Ian Hunter gigs. I'd not heard of him before but he turned up to join the band on stage and afterwards we had a few drinks and a great chat and promised to meet up when I next made it over to New York. A couple of weeks later Nate from the New Heathens e-mailled me to say Drew was ill and in hospital and then a couple of days later he died. I'd only met him that one time but was saddend by the news. Since reading tributes to him he seems to have done a lot of the music scene in New York and other places and was the sort of person you would be proud to call a friend. I'm sorry I didn't have thye chance to know him better but pleased I had the opportunity to spend just a few hours in his company. He will be missed. RIP Drew.

roscoe said...

Wish I could have been there for the Drew gig.

chip robinson said...

You guys are the best.I am surely fortunate and blessed.