Friday, May 30, 2008

New vid/Monty Sat.

OMG! Busier’n shit lately. Working my ass off all day long and then spendin’ the evening either singing or mixing new stuff. Tonight Jon and I worked on the new Christmas song, “Eggnogorant” and if I wasn’t so biased about it I’d have a hard time thinking it wasn’t a hit. (huh? I gotta think about that one…) Anyhoo...It turned out great and I can’t wait for folks to start listening to it 50-11 times like I did tonight on my way to practice with Monty. We got his CD release party this Saturday night at The Pour House and it’s gonna rock like ass! Rick Richards is coming to town to sit in and play a few tunes and if I have my way he’s gonna sing “Can’t Stand The Pain” and a song I really like that he made famous called “Battleship Chains”. I think you’re gonna dig the whole night (thass if you come of course!). The record kills and we’ll no doubt play our asses off!
The OakTeam is shooting a new video of a perfectly new song on June 19th. We’ve finally nailed the date down and the song(s) are ready to go. It’s for a song called “You Had me at Get Lost”, but other songs will be featured. It’s gonna be really cool. Our friend Steve Boyle, who shot a BUNCH of Country videos is doing it as a fan and as a favor…a true believer, that guy! It’s great to have those around. Good to know that you’re not the only one (besides wife and friends of course!) that thinks your existence is worth a shit! I think that by the end of the year we’ll have more than a few of those.

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Mike Elliott said...

Great news on the vid - and I'll definitely be there with bells Satday night!