Saturday, May 03, 2008

looking up

I haven't been able to share my crappy week with everyone because well...that's part of it, our computer shit the bed. It started Monday morning in the pouring rain when I was driving along and my van's fuel pump conked out. With TWO painting jobs to get to there was only one thing to do. So I called the Bunn Exxon and got towed in and ran home and got in my old reliable '92 Dodge Dakota and hightailed it to work. Found out later it was only gonna be $500, yippee!!! Spent the rest of the week working my ass off before going to rehearsals 3 or those nights, with a gig in Winston-Salem (awesome fun, with a great crowd no less!) mixed in last night. At least I was painting ceilings all week so things were looking up!
Playing with Chip Robinson and the Heavy Beat Outfit tonight at the Pour House for a tribute/benifit for our friend Drew from The Silos. Should be a great night.
Just hoping I don't end up in the new local rag called "The Slammer. It's awesome! It's made up solely of mug shots of locals who were arrested this week, DWI's, sex offenders, you name it. Jack took a look at the thing yesterday and saw someone he works with. wonder he'd been absent lately....

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Anonymous said...

You're a whole dollar richer today and prob'ly 3 by Monday morning, so things are lookin' up fo sure!

Glad to help,