Friday, May 23, 2008

letter to michael

First of all Mr. Michael Down Under, my wife sez "hey!", and at this time it seems that all of my projects are waiting for it to rain so-to-speak. Big Al just had knee surgery and is out of it for a bit. We can't go into Jan. w/o some kind of new record, some really cool songs are just sittin' there bustin' at the seams and we gotta find a way to make the cruise ship (Delbert's) thing pay off a little better than it does. It's usually a break even deal for me and in these times that just ain't gonna get it, time is money ya know?

The Woods thing is still waiting for our friend Mitch Easter to bake and dump our 2" tape to digital. I can't wait to start mixing that 2nd record. It's gonna be what all Woods fans have been waiting for. And if you see someone on Pollstar on tour under the same name they are not us but a "he", whoever HE is.

The Ass-Kickin' team is still my favorite band. They can play my songs flawlessly an feverishly in any situation. We are all masters of our domain and the Ass-Kickin' Team gives us that outlet to shine and blister. Really hope you got a chance to grab "When The OakTeam Comes to Town", it's a greatest hits done live.

Love to all in Aussieland, take care,



Anonymous said...


I was driving back from Raleigh earlier this evening with WKNC on the radio. It was their local music show. They had several guests on, I came into it late and didn't hear who they were. But they were talking about Comboland, and all the bands that are in it. They were playing all these NC bands, Lets Active, Flat Duo Jets, Don Dixon, X-teens, dB's, Superchunk, etc.

Talking about Comboland, the guy said something to the effect of "and Terry Anderson's all over it. The great Terry Anderson is probably the best North Carolina songwriter ever, living or dead."

How 'bout that!

Anonymous said...

I think it was a couple of guys from the dB's and/or the X-Teens. It was pretty cool.