Tuesday, April 15, 2008

shine a light trailer

rolling stones you tube
You'll get a SMALL taste of what the movie is like, but you really have to HEAR it(6 channels)and see them in all their 30 ft. tall glory! My favorite part of the movie is on the trailer, look precisely at the 2:09 mark when Keith spits that cigarette out. It's slower on the real thing and seriously badASS!


Mike Elliott said...

Definitely can't wait to see it. I'm hoping to take my 14 year old son with me to the IMAX maybe Sunday.

I've seen 'em twice - once at Ericsson in Charlotte while they were supporting Voodoo Lounge, and again when they swung through Raleigh at Carter-Finley during the Bridges jaunt. Both times were the best concerts I've ever witnessed, and my wife agrees. Now that my son (Dylan - yep, named after Bobby) has taken up the DRUMS (and very good at it - and I don't mean that in a fatherly way - really), he is naturally worshipping at the alters of Bonham, Peart, and Moon, but I'm trying - patiently - to turn him on to swingin' Charlie. Hopefully Scorsese's treatment will do just the trick!

Judging by the way Marty handled The Band, it goes without saying that this'un's a masterpiece.

Tony said...

woo-hoo, brothers!

took the whole fam damily sat.. nite to raleigh--"it's WILD in raleigh!" and everybody loved it.

would recommend 2 rows BACK from the rail (this will make more sense when you get there).

you can see the wood grain on keef's guitar, and when he spits that cigarette out, i had ta brush my shoulder.