Thursday, April 03, 2008

shape up, MySpacers!

Somebody kept asking me about my MySpace page, ”What the hell’s wrong with it?” “Hell, I don’t know!”. I just looked at it and its dumber’n shit looking. “Photos removed by Photobucket” all over it. I guess I was spammed again or something. It ain’t like I’m gonna keep the thing up to date or nothing. MySpace is ignunt.
People put the stupidest pictures of themselves on that thing. All of them thongs and ropes and whips…oh! I mean, all them pictures of themselves dranking and misbehavin’ and shit. It’s just wrong. Now y’all behave! Put some purty pictures of yourselves on there, preferably some “Glamor shots” or some pix with your Grandma or something! Now THAT’S the one that’s gonna make Mama proud, not the one of your “secret” tattoo or that dark image of you naked.
And don’t talk about how much you love to be spanked….
…you either girls! It’s just gonna start a bunch of talk in church.
You’re an adult, so resist the urge to play along and let your freak flag fly.
I mean it! Put them clothes back on and act like you got some damn sense! I wanna see pictures of you working hard behind your desk, hugging your kids and/or working in your yard. We gotta do better, people!
We gotta be strong! We live in Pow’ful Merka!

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philwo said...

Hi TA,
It was me who asked you 'bout it.
Yeah, it's rite what you say, dere are many stoopid people out dere. I'm much happier with your blog.That's the place to get all the news a fan needs. I'll try to find a pic of my grandma to put it in yospace or a pic of me on a little tractor working in a yard. What about a pic of yoself painting windows, walls or sumptin' ?
Cheers from Majorca island