Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rockin' Birthday


Nathan and I spent his 12th birthday last night hanging with my friend, Brad Rice at his (relatively)new gig with Keith Urban. We had a blast. Of Course, Nathan came for Carrie Underwood's show and she didn't disappoint him OR me, really. I quite liked it actually. We didn't get to meet Miss STARtime (bus to dressing room to stage to bus, flanked by bodyguards) but I bought him a shirt and a poster and caught some good pics and a cool video (shhh...!) of her.
Speaking pictures, this is one of Brad singing a number for the crowd, Keith holding the mic. It was hilarious. As Keith introduced the band they would respond by singing the HELL out of some '80's hit. One guy brilliantly NAILED some Journey song (I honestly can't name ONE!) and another sang "Hot Blooded". When it came up Brad's turn to sing he did us all proud with a nasally and very hick rendition of John Anderson's "Swingin'"
"Her name was Charlotte Johnson...."
Awesome! Thanks for rockin' our world Brad!
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Anonymous said...

Terry, get to the point!!! Did you see Keith´s lovely wife...???? ;-)
Cheers, Arthur