Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more on the show..

I think I'm gonna have to borrow Nathan's Carrie Underwood CD, I keep humming those tunes. The arrangements are insane. They all have like 5 different parts that all seem to go together, pre-chorus, pre-bridge, pre-guitar lick, guitar lick, pre-pre-chorus...crazy but...pretty damn cool. Check out this movie (shhhh...I wasn't supposed to do this!)
Nathan sings with Carrie movie

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Some girl from Charlotte holds this up in the audience and Keith loves it so much he brings her up on stage...after the 3rd song!
Rollings Stones?
On the "Rolling Stones stage" at the end of the catwalk that went through the crowd.
Much to Nathan's delight, Carrie comes back out and sings Petty's "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around" w/ Keith.
Brad and Keith. I really got to know Brad Rice on the 2 month tour I did with The Backsliders back in '98. He's a great, easy going guy and funnier'n shit! He kept me in stitches on stage!
Introducing...from RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA!...
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