Friday, April 18, 2008

I warned ya!

Read the disclaimer on the back of my second record, folks! This applies to ALL my records. Got this from our friend, Steve Boyle, videographer to the stars...oh, and us!:

I've put over 20,000 miles on my new 2008 Toyota Yaris since I bought it in late November (it had 5 miles on it when I bought it). Using Nashville as a hub (home) I've driven to Dallas, Knoxville, Atlanta, Macon, Charlotte, Raleigh, St. Petersburg and Sarasota many times. On the way back from seeing you guys last weekend, I was groovin' (no - screamin' !) to Thunderbird on the CD. Loud enough to miss my exit out of Winston-Salem (where I grabbed a quick B-Roll shot of Mitch Easter's house). I thought I was back on I-40, instead I was turned around and back into the W-S city limits. This I didn't notice, since I had Thunderbird on repeat. Who did notice was a State Trooper who pulled me over and gave me a ticket for doing 80 in a 60 mile zone. When he asked my why I was speeding, I just smiled and was happy for the good time. This is my first ever traffic ticket.
Thanks for the great music.

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Mike Elliott said...

Steve's note should be part of either the press release or the liner notes to the next OAKTeam rekkid!