Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grandma's outhouse

Well it happened, I got up and went to church this morning. “Whah” you say? But, it’s Saturday. Yep, our septic pipes are all clogged up and at 6:30 this morning nature called so I went across the street to answer. Last night our house had somewhat of a gastric explosion and the toilet backed up, the tub filled up and one of the pipe in the basement was spewing all over drums, tools and whatnots. I quickly ran out and relieved the pressure via a pipe that had mysteriously been sticking up in my backyard until my neighbor, Chick one day showed me what it was for. I unscrewed the cap and it was like Yellowstone Park back there. Shit started blowing out a mile high. Sometimes I hate living in an old house. I wish it had come with an outhouse, a two-seater like my Grandma used to have out in the chicken pen. That always disgusted me. First, you had to walk the length of a football field to go to the bathroom and then you had to walk though all that chicken shit to get to it. Let’s put it this way, I didn’t go out there IF something was gonna happen, I waited until WHEN it was gonna happen!

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Anonymous said...

Plumbing issues suck. I hope you're back in business.

I first checked your blog this morning and thought that with a minor faucet out of alignment issue yesterday, I don't have it so bad. Then an hour later the damn outgoing sewage was flowing up the basement drain pipe all over the floor. Plunging was futile.

Between plumbers blowing us off and changing price quotes, we finally got one out here who rodded things clean.

I showered what seemed like an hour and I still feel like there's a phantom feces smell lingering under my nose.

Like I said, plumbing issues suck.