Friday, April 11, 2008

Biscuit batter up!

Nathan and I went to the Mudcats game last night. Grace was gonna go but she was somehow wrangled into babysitting one of Nathan’s friends whose mother wouldn’t answer her cell phone (‘till 9pm…hmm). Anyway, we got there and realized that they were playing the Montgomery Biscuits. Oh, this was gonna be fun. What a great logo they have, a biscuit with eyes and butter as the tongue. So Nathan being Nathan and me being me, we spent all night tryin’ to outclever each other heckling them. “Butter up!” I said. “You butter catch that ball!” he says. “Put another biscuit on the plate!” I yell after a strikeout. And his favorite, which I stole from Pedro (on the I-95 South of the Border billboards), “I never sausage a team!” I thought he was gonna piss himself. I'm sure they had heard'm all, but it sure was fun for us! We stayed till the end of course we lost 2-1. I was also disappointed (but not for him) that Rex Rundgren, son of Todd, was no longer playing for the Mudcats. He’s moved up to triple A Las Vegas with the Dodgers. It’s gonna be another great summer of baseball!


Jeff Hart said...

so happy baseball's here. the orioles had a fine opening week, but this week, they're back to being the orioles. catching my first durham bulls game of the year saturday if the weather holds. i'm only a couple of miles, if that, from the ball park. speaking of the bulls, former bulls 3rd and 1st baseman aubrey huff is off to a fast start for a change this year with baltimore.

maybe one weekend, you can come to durham terry for a game and i'll do likewise with the mudcats.

Anonymous said...

And that's the way the cookie crumbles....