Monday, March 31, 2008

West Palm weekend

Monty's rock and roll stage

OakTeam by the pool

Big Daddy (aka: "5 Ton Unit") gettin' his exercize on
Greg's new addition to our sound

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Awwww...HELL naw!

"Jess Go Jankees!"-Latino fans @ Dolphin Stadium

Mmmmmm.....and only @ IHOP!

A little golf before the party..

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A jump in the pool after the gig,

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Thanks for the great food, great wine and a great time, Monty!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, speaking about golf... what´s your handicap? And... is your golf-pro member of an african tribe...? I mean because of that back-to-basics-golf-shoe-fashion that you´re wearing... ;-)
Cheers, Arthur