Monday, March 31, 2008

the one sore spot..


The one (plus) hour when I DIDN'T have a good time this weekend was while waiting in line Friday night at Dolphin Stadium for very expensive food. When I got in line there was only 10 or so people in front of me. I watched THREE AND A HALF innings (A-Rod batted twice) as "special" adults were retrieving each item individually on every order. They would go to the back and get one item, look at the order again and go get the next thing, come back, go get the next thing, etc. etc...for EACH person! It was by FAR! the most ridiculous food situation that I had ever seen at a sporting event.
The game itself was great fun though (what I saw of it), with the Marlins winning it 5-3. There were 30 plus thousand people there in Miami and about 25,000 of'm were "Jankee" fans.
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philwo said...

Hi TA,
as i'm a European, I don't know much about Football, Baseball and things like that. But standing in a line TO GET A DAMN DRANK? I know what you felt like that moment. But I think it's a perfect idea for a song , huh?
Lots o' Love from Mallorca Island !