Wednesday, March 26, 2008

lead paint scam...again!

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OK, at the risk of being redundant I’m gonna keep harping on this until somebody listens to me. I GOTTA call bullshit on this no-lead-in-the-paint thing. I JUST took this picture. These are the windows I painted when we first moved in 15 plus years ago. You see the black part? That’s what I painted with the lead based paint that I found in the storage area of an old hardware store nearby. It STILL looks great! Now I can understand the Gubment’s point about lead paint INSIDE where the kids can get to it, but any parent that lets a kid outside to gnaw on the OUTSIDE of the house is frankly a dumbass. Case closed, now gimme my damn EXTERIOR lead paint back, cause this shit y’all are sellin’ these days sucks!
It’s a scam! I’m telling ya! It’s a scam! It worked too good, so they quit selling it!

Is there really such a thing as a “piss ant”? Just wondrin’.


dave g said...

Tell it. We obviously have to be protected from ourselves! I can't get half the good shit I used to in lots of ways, because somebody else that never used stuff wanted it outlawed.

OTOH, maybe it's called 'job security' for painters.

Hey, I don't care if my lettuce has DDT in it, as long as it's crisp.

I used to work with the Vonnegut version of 'piss ant' when I was at this mean ol' university in Durham. Glad I'm outta there now!

Anonymous said...

For the first time I'm painting my attic with water based paint. It's gonna be the last time too, goddammit!
Why do they sell crap like that!