Sunday, March 02, 2008

hippie shoes

Anyway, so as I was saying, I got these leather hippie shoes that fit like a damn glove. I picked them up at a greatly reduced price and couldn’t believe that I had finally found a pair of shoes that fit so well. Well…the left foot did the store. When I put the right one on at home it was about a half of a sock size bigger. Damnit! I can’t have nuthin’ purty! It’s just slighty larger, just enough to piss you off, ya know? So I tried lacing that one up tighter and that just left a mark across the front of my foot, there was still too much toe room. So last night I tried TWO socks on that foot. Now I realize that created a quandary with the sock drawer, like..well..what am I gonna do with this other sock? But I just wanted to try it to see if it would help and like I said, that shoe was about HALF of a sock larger, so with 2 socks it was too much, but I went with it anyway. Well, the real problem with that exposed itself later in the evening at a party at my friend Bob Davis’ house when I realized that my right foot was HOTTER than the left foot. Shit!, one hot foot, one cool and comfortable foot. Damn you! hippie shoes!

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Anonymous said...

Hotfoot? That was Hotfoot Saturday night?

Dang, I figgered you was dancin', and dancin' right well, at that.

Good to see you TA51, and even better to see GA50. Hope to do it again soon.

Too bad about your hippie shoes. Thems is sharp.