Friday, March 21, 2008


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Well, it’s that time of year again, and Lord knows I ain’t complainin’! In just 5 short days The OakTeam will get back to doing some roadwork. Head South! Young man!
Yes! Flarda here we come! West Palm Beach! Del Casa De Monty to be exact!
It’s the throwdowns of all throwdowns! And who even knows what the hell we’re celebrating? It’s kinda like Valentine’s Day, it’s a made up holiday but just for the Ass-Kickin’ Team. We get outta Dodge for about 4 days, lay by the pool, go to Spring Training baseball games and play a rockin’ Sat. night gig in Monty’s living room!
Our baseball THIS year includes another short trip (after our long one!)down to Miami, Dolphins Stadium, The Marlins against some team from New York. They play in Yankee Stadium alot, but I can’t quite remember their name???? Hmmmm…Great seats too! Jealous?
Leave Thursday! Bring your gloves boys!! OH!..and a guitar or two!!

Heard Rick Astley today and threw up a little bit in my mouf!

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