Sunday, March 09, 2008


Meanwhile! ...while the radio thing is going on, so is Robbie Fulks in Raleigh, at the Berkeley Cafe. My friend Carina calls me and I get to talk to him on stage just after he does a great job of "College Girls" (from what I could hear through her cell phone). I request "Church Folks", and I hear him bust into it as my connection fails. He's a BADASS! BAD ASS! Thanks Carina! Sorry I couldn't be there, Nathan's sick and...I know, I know!..blah blah blah! Love y'all!

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Bobzilla said...

It was fucking hilarious! Carina put her phone on speaker mode when she handed it to Robbie, and as you were talking, Robbie would hold the phone up to his vocal mic so everyone in the audience could hear you.

I was laughing my ass off!