Tuesday, March 18, 2008

asshole or shitass, you decide!

Think I’m a bad dog owner? (People that know me know that I was kidding about that and don’t have a serious bone in my body) Well, how about husband? My wife reminded me of the time I let her get arrested. Somehow she missed her court date for an expired license tag (I told her she was working too much and had too much on her plate! She just forgot!) so when she called and asked if I wanted her to pick up pizza on the way home I said “Yeah”. In the meantime, the cops stopped by looking for her. So I told them she’d be home later. When she got home I said “ You better eat fast, the cops might be back by soon.” She thought I was joking but they did in fact carry her off and after I finished my pizza and watched the game my Dad and I went down and got her out. This, evidently according to her (I’m having a little trouble remembering all this at my advanced age) happened during ACC tournament. (I gotz priorities, ya know? ..and I DID warn her!)
But anyway, sorry about that honey! Oh!...and about the time I slammed the door in your face when Carolina lost that time too!
Sheesh! Lord have mercy! I’m so ignunt sometime!


Anonymous said...

:-) Sounds like true love!
Uhh... by the way, if Grace decides to send you to jail for your behaviour... when you take a shower there ...never bend down for the soap....! ;-)

Anonymous said...



dave g said...

When it's down to ACC play, there ARE priorities!

I second 'badass.'