Wednesday, February 13, 2008

what blog?

Oh shit! I almost forgot that I had a blog! After not thinking about it for a week or so it kinda slipped my mind. Besides what would I talk about, the Mexico trip? Awww...that was boring, except for the 2 gigs The Dinkies played (that was pretty damn exciting and super-double-awesome rockin’!) and the whales and other sea life that I saw. I might transcribe the notes I took…one day.
The news of this week though is that The OakTeam is playing NEXT Friday night (the 22nd) at 506 in Chapel Hill for the International Pop Overthrow Festival thingy that’s going on over there. THEN on the Saturday before St. Patty’s Day we’re playing The Pour House. Last year it was a madhouse on that day! The beerfest across the street made for some drunk-ass folks in there that night! The 15th is also a special day for The OakTeam. It’s Jack’s birthday! Shhhhh…don’t tell him we’re throwing a big party for him.
& My Dad’s doing great BTW..even swinging his golf clubs a bit...
OH! And here’s something weird! Much like the dream I had the night before 9/11 when I dreamed about a plane flying down 5th Ave., this past Sunday morning I had a dream that my friend Mike Shane got a DUI. This is significant why? Well, I hadn’t seen or talked to him in months and as I was trimming up my Japanese maples on Sunday I looked up up and guess who was walking in my yard towards me? Yep! Mike, no DUI though....too weird!
Dan says things are going great with the recording of his new record…
Back to basketball…!

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Anonymous said...

What a motherhugging year this will be. New records by OAKTeam, Dan, Keith and the Dinkies at least. Friggin' yey!. BTW, in exactly one week it'll be the 1 yaer anniversary of the last Yayhoos gig in Finland. I'll drink to that partners!

PS. Is Keith OK now?