Thursday, February 21, 2008


I was having a blast tonight watching (on CSPAN-2) a really inspirational speech by D-Illinois Gov. Brangojevich (or Bandochevitzsky or Manochevizt or..whatever it was!), and I do mean WATCHING! I didn’t HEAR a damn thing that guy said. I was having way too much fun watching the girls tag team signing behind him! Damn! It was killing me! The first girl was twitchin’, making faces, sticking out her curled up tongue, pointing at her forehead, shooting herself the bird, shooting her other hand the bird, sticking her pinkies in her eyes, grabbing her imaginary horn on her head, frowning, laughing, crying, picking her nose (I don’t think that meant anything other than a booger was getting worked loose), slapping herself, pointing at the sky, diggin’ taters, acting like she was cutting her hand off, giving that “gnawing on a bone” look, closing one eye while cocking up a leg to fart, shooting the Gov. the bird (I think she meant that!), pretending to eat a hot dog, catching popcorn in her mouth, riding a bike and then finally doing the “here’s the church and here’s the steeple open the door and here’s the people” thing. THEN the other girl came up, basically in mid-sentence whilst the sumbitch was still rambling’ on, babblin’ on to Babylon, and started signing. Still! I wasn’t paying a DAMN bit of attention to what he was saying, I was just watching her pretend to motion something about building a new tomorrow and a new America or some other such shit from what I could tell. The second girl wasn’t quite as funny, although she made her share of faces at the old fart which were very entertaining, so I began to think about turning the channel over to the results show of American Idol. Good thing I did too or I would have missed a BADASS! video by Paula and Randy. The melody was so damn hook-a-tatious that I’m going out looking to buy that bitch tomorrow! (It was something called “Dance Like This” or some such shit) I turned the mutha right wide ass open and imagined myself dancing all over the place. That’s when I started signing the words. Can the OakTeam get someone to sign the lyrics to my songs?
That would be cool.


Bobzilla said...

Whatchu smokin' up there, boy?

Anonymous said...

Our good ole gov Rod Blag was on CSPAN and I missed it. Bummer. I should take in as many media appearances as I can 'cause his days are numbered and he won't get re-elected with all the things he's botched.

You're signing thing reminded me of a band I was in called Chicken Bone Alley. We had Freebird in the set as a joke. I wanted to have someone come up and sign Freebird for us to symbolize how no one, not even the deaf, should be left out of receiving the message Freebird delivers. The damn guitar player strongly voiced that he would have none of that as it was insulting to make fun of disabilities, which I don't think I was doing. When it all came down I backed off as I wasn't sure I even knew anybody who knew sign language anyway.

Tom in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Why would deaf people go to concerts?


Anonymous said...

"Why would deaf people go to concerts?"

That's part of the irony that makes the joke a joke.

Tom in Chicago