Sunday, February 10, 2008

new site up

The DoubleNaught Records website is FINALLY up and provides yet another way to find good music. The label was just a name I used to put out my solo stuff with and since Jack has beefed (or tofu-ed, whichever you prefer) up the recording studio end of things and brought in Jonathan Lowery for optimum tonal quality it’s actually turning into something really cool. We have on-staff graphics, Paul Friedrich, a great engineer (JL), Jack has producing ears on his head which I also like to dabble in (ie: Keith’s record) and we use only the best mastering (Brent Lambert) and manufacturing. Just released is the new record by The T’s (no, not named after me!) which pretty much rocks like ass since OakTeam guitar player Big Daddy Dave Bartholomew doublenaught produced it! Also getting glowing reviews is the very recently released Jack Cornell (w/ Jonathan) produced “Shine Like a Bottle”, the second record from The Cartridge Family. Still to come is the recently mastered “Trailer Park Angel” by Monty Warren (another J&J production), The Woods box set and a new Oakteam studio record. Remember, these things take time, which is what often makes them so good…like a fine wine! You’ll also find show dates on here too so check it out!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is gettin' so crazy I had to make a new folder in my favorites just for all the TA stuff.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff. You got jobbed at the Grammys tho.....your "Rehab" is the definitive one; not Amy Whinehouse.....

Keith in Concord, NC