Thursday, January 24, 2008

off to Mexico

Ships Ahoy, Matie! Whatever that means! Well, it’s time to get my sailor cap on and sail the blue Pacific down Mexico way and hang out with the old folks..I mean blues lovers from all the world over. I had thought about dying my hair before I left to get the grey out but then I realized I’d just look out of place so I left it alone, and besides the price of hair dye is equal to a pretty damn good bottle of wine these days. After hanging out in the hospital for 2 months I can ill-afford to sit on my thumb for a week just to play 2 gigs, albeit DREAM gigs with my favorite guitar player of all time (no offense to my OakTeam and Yayhoo mates!), but I will use the time wisely by either writing some new hits or figgering out what I’m gonna do when I get home and find out we’ve been evicted. I was thinking about it the other night. I’m gonna be the brokest bitch on that boat, even broker than that little Indonesian dude that will be waiting on me hand and foot the whole time.
So when I don’t return your Emails next week, think me not the asshole that I really am, but the sumbitch that still hasn’t decided what he’s gonna be when he grows up, and at $3 a minute to use the ships computer y’all can just wait till I get back. And at $16 a minute to call, you better get worried if you see my name pop up on the caller ID!
I’ll yell “land Ho!” after a week with the sea hoes, and then I’m staying home for a while this time damnit!




Anonymous said...

Vaya con dios, muchacho!
Have fun and rock hard!

Anonymous said...

Rock like ass and say hi to Big Al!

Sherry said...

Enjoy the weather and bring your dramamine..We're getting hit hard by a HUGE ass storm. Gale warnings in effect all the way down Baja. Gonna be a lot of sick people on that boat. Sorry dude.

Jeff Hart said...

"land ho"?

clearly that's no ho we know. that sounds like something carina would have come up with ;)

roscoe said...

Have a great time T-51!

Halfpear said...

bon voyagee, see you when you disembark!

philwo said...

Wish you a great time be be careful with the sharks.
Make up yo mind and enjoy yourself cause you've deserved it. Come back happy and full of force to bring us more of your music.
Mallorca hasn't forget you!!!