Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Not so rockin' New Year's Eve..

Locally on TV, we have anti-tobacco PSA’s all the time that show us the horrors of smoking or chewing the stuff. There’s that lady with the hole in her throat who talks like a robot and then the worst one, the kid who chewed and they had to cut half of his face out because of jaw cancer. Hey! You ain’t gotta convince ME! And if you did, those two spots alone would be enough said. But I saw someone New Years Eve that was in worse shape than either of them two, and as far as I know it was not as a result of smoking.
It was a dude named Dick Clark. If you’re in a foreign country you may not know who he is, but I grew up on the guy. He was famous for not only bringing us kids the latest hits on “American Bandstand” but eventually also for his ability to defy age. We all thought, “This guy’s never gonna get old!” Uuuuhh…WRONG! The time has come. Dick! Dude! Who told you it was OK to be on American TV trying to talk? His mouth never closed and his lips never came together. I was weird. It was like watching a fish talk. “Wah wah wah wah”. Please spare us next year, Dick and I’m serious. I’m REALLY sorry you had a stroke and I’m REALLY glad that you are somewhat functional despite having it. But man, THAT was painful to watch! From now on, stay behind the scenes and let Ryan Seacrest make the money for you. This year’s “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” was not so rockin’, and it wasn’t Fergie’s fault (although she didn’t help matters). This time I gotta blame it on you, dude. Stay off my TV, get well…or better. I really hope you do. But again, stay OFF of my TV!


Halfpear said...

I had to ask my wife if it was Fergie or Kirstie Alley on TV. At least Fergie didn't pee herself again.

Is there nobody charismatic enough to host the Rockin' New Year's Eve that they have to resort to Ryan Seacrest? We switched between him and Carson Daly, and I found myself wishing I were watching Matlock instead.

Happy New Year, TA.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the OAK Team CD was the top seller at Miles Of Music a couple of weeks ago. Add the that to the good things that occured in 2007.

12.06.07 -12.12.07
01. Terry Anderson - When The Olympic Ass Kicking Team Comes
02. Grainbelt - Trouble Coming Down
03. Hacienda Brothers - Music For Ranch and Town
04. Jesse Dayton & Brennen Leigh - Holdin Our Own
04. Ronny Elliott - Jalopypaint
06. Two Dollar Pistols - Here Tomorrow Gone Today
07. Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer
08. Elliott Randall - Take The Fall
08. Garrison Starr - Girl That Killed September
08. Goin Home - Goin Home: Tribute To Fats Domino
08. Salty Dogs - Autoharpoon
08. Slider Pines - Slider Pines


Anonymous said...

Man, I hate it for Dick Clark and had forgotten he'd had a stroke recently.

But I'm glad to know it wasn't me, in a slightly inebriated state Tuesday night, unable to figure just WTH was going on with the broadcast. Duh-Oh!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I found DC a bit creepy. He really doesn't need to try and prove anything. It just becomes a bit silly when I couldn't even understand what he said a couple times.

My favorite moment of New Year's Eve coverage came from Fox. At 12:10 EST in Times Square, a dorky looking host decided he'd talk to the crowd. He found two young kids. I present to you the exchange as I heard it...

Dorky Host: Hi what's your name?
Malaria: Malaria
DH: Oh that's an interesting name. How old are you?
M: 8 years old.
DH: Do you have a New Year's resolution for 2008?
M: Yeah, to quit smoking.
DH: Oh sure. How much do you smoke?
M: 2 packs a day.
DH: Yeah right. (turns to boy) Hey, I'm gonna talk to you. You're gonna answer me seriously right?
Boy: Yeah.
DH: What's your name?
B: Miguel.
DH: What's your resolution for the New Year?
B: To stop playing the lottery so much.
DH: Right. What kind of lottery do you play?
B: I love the instant scratch off games.
DH: Well, I'm gonna throw it back to you Karen.

Happy New Year!

Tom C

Anonymous said...

Weren't Dan and the Satellites on Dick's New Years show one year? Or was that some other New Years show?

T-51 said...

Yeah, I used to have a tape of the Sat's on DC's Rockin' NYE, and I'm pretty sure Dave Edmunds was on that night too!

Dave G. said...

I thought it was kind of admirable for Dick to get out there, in terms of determination. He's better than he was last year with all of the rehab.

What, you want 'em to put Guy Lombardo's corpse or someting out there?

I'm just sayin....