Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I seen Kennedy one time. Now granted, I was 4 years old at the time. But we were living in Shelton, Connecticut and I was staying with my aunt during the day. He had just won the election was making something of a victory lap across the northeast. His motorcade rode by and he throwed his damn hand up at me up there in that second story window.
I bring this up because I was reminded of it when I was watching something on PBS last night called “Ozwald’s Ghost”. It explored whether or not Lee Harvey was really guilty or not. I fell asleep before they ever figgered it out, the suspence is killing me!
I’m headed to Nashville this weekend to write with Dan and to rehearse with The Dinkies for our “Love Boat” trip with Delbert and ‘em. The trip (Jan.26-Feb.2) is to the Mexican Riviera and is basically the same course the TV show “The Love Boat” took. We play two shows on the boat. I’ll be in my room working on songs the rest of the time.


Anonymous said...

So, no time for margaritas this time huh?

Cheers, Gerben

Jeff Hart said...

i hate i missed that. however, the jesse helms documentary is on tonight on unc-tv (same guy who directed the frank porter graham documentary, so at least it's not expected to be a fluff piece). now there's some fodder for some bloggin' and food for thought in your noggin'.

Anonymous said...

Ya' better have some time to spend to hang wit' yo' friends else some hillbillies will find yo' cabin and drag yo' sorry ass out late. The choice is yours Butthole!!