Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pour House of Love

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“Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup! Buttercup!”
I went over to check on my dad Christmas Eve and he was in the middle of his Speech Therapy. He has to do a lot of “hollerin’” to help both his throat and his lungs get back to normal. “Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola!”
Sheesh! I was glad when that was over with! He’s getting better albeit very slowly.
Chrismas morning, Nathan gave us a break and slept in...’till about 8am. We got up and had coffee with “Grandma”, Grace’s mom. She Japanese (still!). She’s been in the states for hell…40 years I reckon, and we still can’t understand a thing she says. In her defense though, a lot of her friends down in Fayetteville are Japanese so she has no real need to learn much English. We visited my dad later in the day and he was nodding off watching the long drive golf competition, so we headed back home and packed the Caliber full of drums and got our ass up the road to the rock show.
Last night was even better than I had hoped. It was an unbelievable night of Rock and Roll and love. It was so great to see so damn many people, many old friends, there to remember David, hear his songs and dance all night to both his and my tunes as well as the few covers we did. The place was pretty packed and very rockin’!
I DID see a few tears being wiped during Jack singing “Worse for the Wear”, Dave singing “Sign of the Times”, Rod Abernethy singing “Watch my Head”, Jeff Hart singing “Sand”, Robert Kirkland shoutin’ “Who Let the Cat out of the Bag!”, Grace singing “Let’s Talk” and my renderence of “Keep Pumpin’” before we gradually morphed into The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team set. It was an easy transition too since David and my songs always did fit pretty well together. So much so that I almost tangled the words to “Some Other World” with a few lines from “Keep Pumpin’”!
The folks loved Dave’s backwards guitar effect on The Beatles “All Too Much” and Greg’s shenanigans all night long.
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Everyone was in RARE form and many many thanks to everyone involved for making my birthday party one of the best ones ever and very happy indeed, especially Ron Bartholomew, Terry McInturf, Roger Gupton, all those who sang and of course, them OakTeam boys. Extra love for Jac Cain, always the trooper behind the soundboard, going above and beyond as usual! Shout out to that damn Monty Warren, for not only giving me the most unbelievable present ever, but also for rockin’ like ass! with his band of Lutie, Barry and Joe. If you missed it…well….you missed it!
A LOT of love was in the house!

Special thanks to Raymond Goodman for these pics, I'm sure there will be more...


Susan Spencer said...

WOW!!! This show was really special and a rockin' good time!! It will be talked about in years to come as one of those shows where you had to be there. I'm sure glad I was. Thank you Terry for putting together such a fabulous evening...and thanks to all the performers who played! It was great to see so much talent come out and pay tribute to David. Truly awesome!! And the OAK TEAM - another fun, rockin' performance!! Y'all have amazing energy. Thanks again for rockin' my Christmas and wishing me a Happy B'Day from the stage (at least no one yelled Who's she?). Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for continued rockin' in 2008!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday T-51, Main Man!

Fish Camp Barbie said...

I just added my pix to my space.

becky said...

The old folks ROCKED!